Workout music
that fits your gym
Workout music
that fits your gym

Workout music that fits your gym

The World's #1 workout music service

for Gyms, CrossFit and Fitness Studios

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What is GYM Radio?

Motivational Music

Daily updated workout radio stations that fit your brand and motivate your members. Don't lose customers because of a bad and repeating playlist. Start a free trial today.

Engaging Promotions

Encourage members to take classes, training sessions, and refer a friend with the audio promotions. Customize promotions to fit your brand and offerings.

Easy to use

No hardware required. Play music, use the explicit filter and use promotional audio messages directly from your browser. Start right now with the 30-day free trial. 

Legal and compliant

We are a licensed music service for gyms. Unlike Spotify and other consumers apps, GYM Radio can be played in public spaces, like your gym. Keep your music compliant with your local laws.

Music is 28%

of the workout experience

As frequent gym-goers, we know how much music affects workout performance and sets the moodfor training. We believe that music increases member engagement and enjoyment of the workout and improves retention.

Sports Medicine–Open study evaluated groups that worked out with music and the other groups that didn’t. The end results were astonishing - the group with music worked out an average of 28 percent longer.

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personal training

Encourage members to book classes, personal training sessions or to refer a friend with the audio promotions. We are ready to customize the promotions to fit your brand and offerings. Increase your revenue today. 

Best music

for any workout

Cardio, powerlifting, weight lifting you name it - we have the right music for any type of workout across all music genres, explicit and non-explicit versions. Stop losing members because of the wrong music from your old CDs or the same playlists from Spotify and start playing the GYM Radio for free today.

Save money
& avoid fines

GYM Radio is a licensed music service that can be used legally in gyms. Save money and avoid fines for playing unlicensed music. Read more about our licensing or contact us through the chat to get more information on licensing.

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