• Q: Can I use Spotify at my gym?

    No. We love Spotify, but the answer is no, you can’t. Read the Spotify Terms - "personal, non-commercial, entertainment use only." This means it can’t be played in public places such as gyms.

    But don't worry, we have the same workout music and we are hand-picking every song to make sure it really creates the motivational experience. Our playlists often cut through different genres, which is quite unique and motivates everyone. Read more.

  • Q: How can I play music legally at my gym?

    GYM Radio licenses all necessary rights from music rights holders whenever possible so that you don't have to. But in some countries, you must have a “public performance” right license. You can get it from your local collection societies. Read more

  • Q: Is it for gyms only?

    Yes. Our product is only for gyms (businesses) that can use it to play workout background music and monetize the airtime with the custom jingles and announcements.

  • Q: Supported in my country?

    In certain EU countries, and USA and Canada, you must acquire a “public performance” right license, with your local collection societies (List of all societies), in order to use GYM Radio or any other background music provider legally.
    Click here to view if your country requires a "public performance" right license.

  • Q: Offline playback

    YES and no. We know it's important to have reliable music, especially if your internet is not stable. Therefore we are caching the randomly scheduled music to always ensure the perfect and reliable music stream even without the internet. You can't store your favorite songs offline and play them whenever you want, that's what Spotify is for - and it's not needed at a gym.

  • Q: What are the audio promotions?

    You can use the audio promotion to promote your gym or generate secondary sales - this is something that Spotify or Youtube simply can't provide. We will record any promotion you need with our professional voiceovers. It's included in the Pro subscription price.

  • Q: Do you have an explicit filter?

    Yes, sure thing. Many songs are really motivational, but they might have F**K, B**CH or the N word in the lyrics like Eminem does. If you can't tolerate them, just use the filter. We are always trying to have the clean version but it's not always possible.

  • Q: What device do I need?

    PC or Tablet. You can use your computer with the latest Chrome browser (v 71+) or an iPad with Safari to play the GYM Radio. No clunky music streaming box needed, everything works in the browser.

  • Q: Supported devices

    PC and Tablets. The player works in the Browser. The best-supported one is Chrome (version 71 or never) on the PC or MAC. And Safari on the iPad - just set your iPad so it never locks the screen and it works 24/7 without any problems.

  • Q: How many locations from a single account?

    As many as you need. If you need to play GYM Radio in multiple locations, it is possible to do it from a single account. Contact us through the chat to activate multiple locations on your account.

  • Q: Is it for free?

    No. We have a free option tough, but it is not intended to be used in a gym as it doesn't cover the necessary licenses for the background music.

  • Q: Voiceovers for my audio promotions?

    We have several professional voiceovers. Our most favorite one, you probably know from the motivational messages, is from Hollywood. Yes, he does the famous movie trailers you have seen in the cinema ;)

  • Q: What are the club announcements?

    Together with custom jingles, they are the tools for your gym to promote your services, products, and offerings to your members. Use it to increase your brand awareness, launch referral programs, book more classes or just to inform and motivate your customers.

  • Q: Do you have a custom Jingles?

    Yes. We will record the audio jingle for your gym if you subscribe to the Pro. All our jingles are recorded in a couple of days by our professional voice-over artiste.

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