Gym Radio

Audio promotions for your gym


There is one interesting thing about audio in your gym. People are listening to it 100% of the time unless they have headphones of course. They are not watching your big LED TVs or your promotions on the walls. They are listening to the background music and are focused on the beats.

How to improve your business with promotional messages

Promotional messages are a new way how to promote your brand, services, additional products through custom audio jingles and club announcements.

It's nicely integrated and very consistent with all the music and audio, so it's natural - not like other radio or TV commercials that are intrusive and annoying.

Increase secondary sales by 25%. We have feedback from several gyms that audio promotions really work well and it improves the secondary sales like booking classes, professional training, food, refreshments and fitness supplements.

"Hard workout and little hungry? Get extra protein snack"

"Get the best drinks at the bar to energize your workout"

Get more members. Tell people to bring friends with them. People refer more friends if you actively ask them and give them the option to be rewarded. Working with friends together leads to a higher chance that they will keep up with the workout and build a routine.

"Refer a friend and receive discounts on your monthly fee"

Explain your vision and brand. You can spend... People are more likely to become members at your gym when they associate a great workout experience with your brand.

"Follow us on Instagram for more motivation and news"

"Our vision is to keep you on track with your workout."

Encourage people to ask for training. Some people need a little push to ask for help from your professional trainers. Use the audio to give them more information and to build a comfort zone.

"Every champion needs a trainer. Get your first lecture for free."

"Achieve your goals faster. Book a personal trainer at the reception."

"New in the gym? Ask for your first training for free"

Book more classes. Often times people just don't know what you are offering. Let them know about all your classes.

"Yoga class is the best way how to stretch your muscles and clear your mind. Starts every week on Monday at 8 am".

Remind them. People forget a lot. Let them know that you care.

"Don't forget to drink water during the workout."

Keep the gym clean. Everyone knows they should replace weights or clean the machine after use. But people sometimes forget. Let them know that you really appreciate their help to keep the gym a clean and nice place to work out for everyone.

"Always use towels."

"Please replace your weights when finished"

Start using the promotional messages today

Open the GYM Radio player and click on the Customize button in the Audio messages section. You can immediately see the list and turn ON/OFF all the promotional messages.

Missing a message?

Let us know in the chat, we will produce it. We are working with several professional voiceovers in different countries. Might be familiar with our US voice already.

The audio promotions are available in our Pro version and you can get a new custom set recorded every month - up to 10 new promotional messages are included in the subscription already.