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Music is 28% of the overall workout experience, but that's just a number. As frequent gym-goers, we intuitively know how important it is to stay focused and motivated during the workout and the right music can help a lot.

You know what, it is sometimes more difficult to get yourself determined and driven enough to do the workout than the WORKOUT itself! It will be better for us to do gym and think of it as some high school dance where you just follow the rhythm and move along.

With GYM Radio, we are building massive workout songs playlists for the last 6 years to improve your workouts and keep you in the flow. It's been hard, but we have collected tens of thousands of songs. But not all gyms are playing the GYM Radio yet, so we have decided to build also a great YouTube channel for all people who want to workout with great music.

Fight Workout Playlist

Boxing gyms, fight, and martial arts gyms are using the GYM Radio Fight channel to keep people focused. This playlist is an excerpt from our Fight Channel.

The Fight Music Playlist contains very high energy and high BPM Rap and Hip hop songs. The best songs from this playlist:

Neffex - Fight Back

We love Neffex. His songs are always full of energy and motivation. Check also his other songs.

Bonez - Warrior (Ultimate Fighter Theme)

This is the ultimate Fighter theme song. Go and fight.

Bazanji - Fed Up

"Fuck local radio stations, I got more plays than all of these rappers combined
I'm goin I'm goin again I been going in
I'm fed up with so many things"

Fuck local radio, listen to the GYM Radio ;)

Tech N9ne - Straight Out The Gate (Feat. Serj Tankian)

We have lot's of songs in the GYM Radio from Tech N9ne, they are just awesome.

Andy Mineo - You Can't Stop Me

No one can stop you, only you can.

Trackrunners - Pound for Pound (Manny Pacquiao Fight Song)

This is the Manny Pacquiao Fight Song that you shouldn't skip.

BLANK - On My Own (feat. Shorty)

Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H.

Again, Tech N9ne, great motivation for fight.

Diabolic - I Don't Wanna Rhyme

This one is super explicit. But that's what works for us.

Immortal Technique - Point of No Return

"This is the point of no return I could never go back." Yeah, well you should only move only forward.

T. Powell - Big Time Players

You have entered into our home.
Don't let us get into our zone.
Don't let us get into our zone.
Don't let us get into our zone.

Best Gym Workout Playlists

It is beautifully accredited by Arnold: “Pump is better than an orgasm”. Working out to the succeeding songs will get you in the mood to keep going even when you want to give up. The upbeat tempo of the tracks is all you need to stay motivated.

Top 10 Upbeat Songs

Those songs are going to keep your workout really intensive and hard:

  1. Remember The Name - Fort Minor
  2. Avery Watts - A Cut Above
  3. Skepta – Shutdown or Deuce - America
  4. ...

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Best CrossFit Workout Playlists

We have often heard that having a good workout list can help you a lot in your CrossFit time. This is mainly because, in order to stay motivated and upright during the whole workout time, it is important to get your head spinning and limbs moving with the beat.  

CrossFit Music of 2016 - but still great in 2019;)

The CrossFit music playlist is quite hard to build, but fortunately, we had support from the CrossFit community. This is the result:

  1. 0:00 - Jetta - I'd Love To Change The World (Matstubs Remix)
  2. 2:01 - Vanix X K. Flay - Can't Sleep
  3. 6:21 - Galantis - Runaway (Gioni Remix)
  4. ...

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Best Cardio Workout Playlists

It is the time to get yourself and your body ready for the summer spree. 

The great Arnold said: “If it jiggles, it's fat.” Then why not go to the gym and burn the calories. I know it is often seen as one of the worst things to do because when you hear gym, it definitely calls for laziness. Getting our ears to the best workout music is not easy but how about the fact that you get the list of all the pump up and upbeat songs in one place. I know how you must be thinking that it is something inevitable but trust me if you go onto the list below you will definitely not regret it.

Running Music Playlist

Running needs upbeat, high-intensity and constant BPM music that keeps you going and literally overtake yourself. Those songs might help you:

  1. 0:00 - Robin Schulz - Sugar (Mike Destiny & Infact Bootleg)
  2. 4:02 - Zhu - Faded (Dzeko & Torres Remix)
  3. 7:30 - Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Dash Berlin Remix)

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Best Overall Workout Songs

Top 20 workout songs of all times!

There's nothing as frustrating as going to the gym with — gasp! — no music. Pump up tunes and beats somehow add an extra dose of motivation to enhance your power through a difficult sweat session and induce the true spirit of workout overall, so having the best workout songs arsenal is key. But it's very easy to get tired of the same ones, right? Here you go, no more boredom with the old songs, have a go at rounded up songs that will surely give you that extra push to keep you moving at the gym. Keep scrolling to the pump up songs:

1. Work Hustle, Kill – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
• Video link: Listen here!

2. Can’t Be Touched – Body Head Bangerz
• Video link: Listen here!

3. Hollywood Undead - Hear Me Now
• Video link: Listen here!

4. Hungry – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
• Video link: Listen here!

5. Back In Black – AC/DC
• Video link: Listen here!

6. Till I Collapse – Eminem
• Video link: Listen here!

7. Gonna Fly Now (Rocky 1 Theme) – Bill Conti
• Video link: Video link: Listen here!

8. Tech N9ne - The Beast
• Video link: Listen here!

9. Killing in the Name – Rage Against The Machine
• Video link: Listen here!

10. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
• Video link: Listen here!

11. Can’t be Tamed- Miley Cyrus
• Video link: Listen here!

12. Hit ‘Em Up – Tupac
• Video link: Listen here!

13. Skillet- feel invincible
• Video link: Listen here!

14. Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
• Video link: Listen here!

15. Big Things Poppin’ – T.I.
• Video link: Listen here!

16. Click Click Boom – Saliva
• Video link: Listen here!

17. Calvin Harris - Open Wide ft. Big Sean
• Video link: Listen here!

18. Machine Gun Kelly - Warning Shot (ft.Cassie)
• Video link: Listen here!

19. Pendulum – Blood Sugar
• Video link: Listen here!

20. Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations (D-JOG)
• Video link: Listen here!

Top 10 Best Workout Mix

The best part of doing the workout for most of the people getting themselves relaxed and, the best way to get oneself relaxed is obviously having a workout mix.

We are tying you up with the awesome workout songs to get your heartbeat up and the sweat gushing down your face.  — plus, adding a little dance break in between moves will keep the calories burning. Here are the best upbeat songs only for you:

1. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Beast (Southpaw Remix)
• Video link: Listen here!
• A song with a beasty touch which will keep your heart rate up.

2. Stemm – Face the Pain  
• Video link: Listen here!
• Upbeats in the gym, a perfect combination it is.

3. Metallica – Fade To Black  
• Video link: Listen here!
• This song helps you to get your elf out of yourself and get things done for you- cheeky me, I know.

4. T.I. – No Matter What  
• Video link: Listen here!
• Tunes and music are enough for you to help you gain adequate confidence in your thyself, getting things to the top indeed.

5. Back For More – Five Finger Death Punch
• Video link: Listen here!
• This top-notch song in this upbeat list will make you move swiftly and swirl nicely.

6. Saving Abel – Bringing Down The Giant
• Video link: Listen here!
• You said you needed a break from your gym routine, wait then have a go on this and keep going!

7. Kraddy - Android Porn
• Video link: Listen here!
• Feel free and enjoy the mood. The mood which will sway you off your feet.

8. It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll) – AC/DC
• Video link: Listen here!
• A song to keep you determined and excited about your workout. Don’t give up and keep it up.

9. Linkin Park - Bleed It Out
• Video link: Listen here!
• Bring it on fellows, this is something to keep you upright and steadfast.

10. Monster – Skillet
• Video link: Listen here!
• Here you go another song to lift you up from within for your workout.

In the end, just another heartfelt tip for you to get through your tiring gym and workout session: Think about the enduring results which you will get and forget about the rest, keep yourself motivated enough for the cause you are working on. And, these songs are cherry on top for you to keep up your pace in the gym!

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    But don't worry, we have the same workout music and we are hand-picking every song to make sure it really creates the motivational experience. Our playlists often cut through different genres, which is quite unique and motivates everyone. Read more.

  • Q: How can I play music legally at my gym?

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