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Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Gyms and Fitness Centers


Whether you are a newbie in the business or you're in this field for years now, trying to overcome stagnation or conquer your freshly new competition in your area. We've got your back covered with these 10 gym marketing ideas you can use starting NOW to generate more new clients!

Marketing strategies for gyms

First of all, let's talk about your unique brand you've created, the user friendly website you have and professional logo that screams you are THE ONE. These are the things what makes significant part of the audience choose you over your competition.

Wait a sec.. You do not have that yet? Well that's pretty much the essential of gym´s management especially in this highly competitive field!

So make sure, before you put any money on marketing strategies for your gym, you already have the reason why you are better than the rest figured and then of course, the other stuff mentioned above!

What are the next steps in order to succeed?

  1. Create a Cummunity
  2. Make Everything on YOUR Website Seem OBVIOUS
  3. Attract Customers via SOCIAL MEDIA
  4. Record High Quality Videos
  5. Create Killing Special Offers that Screams “You are the Best in Town!“
  6. Guest Workshops
  7. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts…
  8. Affiliate Marketing for Fitness Clubs
  9. Online Scheduling Services
  10. Be Consistent and Patient

1. Create a community

What many gyms still lack is the right atmosphere and more importantly good partnership with members. If you take them as numbers you are far from creating good, well-established environment.

They need to feel that they matter. Give it to them!

In return, they´ll keep coming back, and they’ll be more likely to recommend your facility to co-workers, family, and friends! It is scientifically proven that everyone who joins the gym will say it to at least 5 people around them.

The idea behind building community and even increasing engagement among members in general, is the key. You want to develop a strong sense of community what makes your gym more than just a place people go to work out, right? Create a supportive and teamwork-oriented culture in your company.

If your current members feel like they’re part of the community you have already won.

Trust me, there is nothing better in this lonely era than have another place feels like home, where you can meet up with your buddies and have a great time while working out!

2. Make everything on YOUR website seem OBVIOUS

Aint nobody got time for confusing old fashioned looking websites communicate, nothing at all. We live in 21st century, in such a digital age you just can not afford to lose majority of your potential clients by clicking on your website. It’s actually the MOST IMPORTANT part of your overall marketing strategy.

Stick to this:

  1. keep it simple and easy to navigate
  2. informative about club location, hours, facilities, etc.
  3. present in the search engines

3. Attract customers via SOCIAL MEDIA

Let me tell you if you haven't developed custom mobile app for your club yet, people literally expect you to have at least active social media tools such as instagram or facebook, that you update *on minimum* weekly bases.

Run your social media wisely and use it to enticing prospects to try out your gym or services!

Take advantage of at least these three very useful sports marketing strategies and you will never regret!

4. Record high quality videos

Here we go again.. with social media outlets all promoting video content, it’s a definite no-brainer to join the frenzy to promote your fitness club. When you’re competing with other gyms, it’s important to build trust with your audience.

Make it look good! Show people how it is really to join your gym, share the vibe through such as popular medium nowadays as video and you will gather nothing but success.

Video content will grab and hold one's interest.

5. Create killing special offers that screams “You are the best in town!“

Most gyms and training facilities have very similar class offerings which is great but to really grow your traffic in the gym it is worth to think beyond the norm.

Create offers no one could ever resist to, including certain starting and ending dates to make people immediately think of final results are MUST!  As for example - ´GET FIT FOR SUMMER´ - starting January first. when majority of people is overhyped by New Year's resolutions, ready to radically change their appearance and actually become more fit! 

6. Guest workshops

Talking about special offers, why don't to give a go to workshops? They could possibly bring you newcomers and generate more leads.

Conquer the competition by stepping out from lines and consider providing completely different experience to both existing and new customers! Think smart and take advantage of these fitness marketing strategies.The latest dance or modern fitness workshops, it does not matter.

One thing is guaranteed - they will love it!

7. Discounts, discounts, discounts…

People are constantly searching for them and trust me, they will FOREVER! If you’re worried that discounting your services won’t make sense for your bottom line, remember this:

The idea behind special offers is you want to drive in LOTS of people to your business.

Once you service and WOW these prospects, you’ll have more people to upsell and turn into loyal customers.

So besides all the special offers you already provide to your members, consider from time to time throw up some membership discounts.

Students and elderly will also appreciate it!

8. Affiliate Marketing for Fitness Clubs

It can be a fantastic marketing strategy for your gym as a way to get clients in your door from people they respect. If you have a client portal setup

You can take payments for new memberships while you sleep!

There are a several businesses that can refer their clients to your club such as:

  • Doctors
  • Physical therapists
  • Supplement providers etc.

9. Online scheduling services

Using a finger-tips scheduling software is another level and it is absolutely what your clients will adore! They can register for classes online even directly from their smart phones instead of making phone calls, THAT IS COOL. Rewarding current customers and ensuring future loyalty by working on your services.

These are the smart choices that matter the most!

10. Be consistent and patient

Two words that sum up what it takes for any marketing strategy to work.The problem most business encounter is that if they are not getting the results they want after a certain period of time, they give up.

There are plenty of other health club marketing strategies and additional advices to help your business grow such as various ads, campaigns, email marketing etc. we will definitely take a closer look on!

Stay tuned and for now apply a few of these fitness marketing strategies and you’ll notice some big changes!

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