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How to work with the client during his/her first visit to your fitness center


The first impression plays a key role in increasing the client base in the fitness center. You need to use your strengths to retain clients. How do you best convince new clients that your gym is the best and that they should come again?

Offer free training

In order to convince new clients of your qualities, you must first get them to you. First free entry training is a great motivation for many people to go to work out to you. Take advantage of this and offer new clients a first free entry or a free lesson with a fitness trainer, which will not only help newcomers to get oriented in the gym and give them some interesting information but it can also motivate them to exercise and visit the fitness center again. It is important that you have high quality fitness trainers.

Demonstrate your strengths

Keep in mind that the most important thing is not only to gain the client, but also to keep him/her. When a new client comes to you, take sufficient (not exaggerated) care and show them your strengths. The standard, which applies not only to newcomers, but also existing clients, should be a welcoming smile. Explain to your new client in a nutshell - prices, dressing room, gym equipment, coach assistance, special lessons, events, bar offer. Mention anything that makes you different from your competition - for example, a perfect workout equipment, protein branding, etc. Even if you don't offer a first free lesson in your gym, offer a new client a professional assistance for at least the first 15 minutes. However, respect if he/she rejects this offer.

Use music as a motivator

Although there are exceptional people who appreciate silence during training, in most cases clients in the gym want to listen to music. Motivational music is a motivator. It will help your clients to push their boundaries, which makes their clients feel great after training. However, it is up to you to guess the right style of music and not to underestimate the volume settings. Regarding the style of music, it is hard to satisfy all your clients. However, if you choose music for exercising, you probably won't make a mistake. For example, we recommend GYM Radio, where there is no shortage of motivational music. Adjust the music volume so that it is not too loud and that clients can communicate without shouting at each other.

Communicate and offer a benefit

Once a new client finishes training, don't let him leave just like that. Ask him how was the training, what he liked or disliked. Strike while the iron is hot and offer the client some benefit - a more affordable membership card or a discount at the bar. If you mix his protein for free or make him a good coffee, you will soften even the biggest tough guy. However, do not get too crawled. This tends to have a rather negative effect.

Don't try to get a client at all costs

You get paying and satisfied clients by giving them what they want. Basically it is a well-equipped and clean gym, friendly and qualified staff, the right music and convenient opening hours. But it is not possible to satisfy all clients and if you do not want to go crazy, do not even try. Keep the rules set for both your gym and yourself and follow them. You know best what your fitness center concept is and what direction you want to take. Hold on to it and believe that the right clientele will find you.

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