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Improve your gym experience and increase your members retention

Great workout experience = higher retention.


It is clear that a better workout experience leads to higher retention. Hospitality is a great example. The hospitality industry is all about experiences that keep retention high. They think about all the aspects of the customers’ journey, including the smell of the shampoo and the music in the lobby.  Have you thought about your music as well? It's quite important.

Music is 28% of the gym experience

Based on research, music influences as much as 28% of the workout experience. That’s pretty huge. Well, we might be a bit biased, but look around, most people are really listening to the music you are playing. Have you thought about your audio strategy hard enough?

We did; our job is to keep the music highly engaging and always fresh. We have built the best workout music stations in the world (most likely), and you can use them at your gym a month for free. Start your free 30-day trial.

Use audio to promote your GYM brand, values and vision in 2020

Look around again, people are still listening to your audio. Even people with headphones are listening in locker rooms and bathrooms. What if you could use the audio as an in-gym branding and marketing channel in 2020? We thought about this and we introduced audio messages way back in 2018. Lots of gyms have been using it to promote PTs, additional services, and also their brand and values.

Start your free trial today.

We know that you are super busy and we would like to help you save some time. You can use the GYM Radio 30 days for free and save time perfecting and updating your playlist, we will do it for you.

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