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What is your in-gym marketing strategy?


Marketing is most of the time focused outside the gym, and most of the budget is spent on member acquisition. And I totally understand why, you need to hit the new members' KPIs. But acquisition is just the beginning of the funnel, not the end, and some of the budget should be spent on engagement and retention.

In-Gym Marketing – Engage Members With Your Brand

Look around, most of your members are listening to music and lifting weights. Music is great, and you can use it for free compared to other acquisition activities, but it is often overlooked in marketing and branding.

What if you could leverage your existing audio system as a branding or promotional channel? What if you could repeat your brand values to all members 5x during their workout without being annoying? Well, you can. With GYM Radio custom audio messages it's all possible. We will record your custom and branded audio messages so you can use them at your gym. We always recommend short messages like "Just do it", they work well for branding and motivation.

Retain Members With Motivation And Great Gym Experience

Retention is all about customer experience; making members happy is the best retention tool over. We can't help you with your space or staff, but we can help you with music, an equally important part of the in-gym experience. 

Based on research, music has more than 28% of influence over the workout experience. We have built the best workout music stations for all types of members, gyms, and zones, and we keep it fresh every day. Save your time and improve the workout experience at your gym with our music. You can try it completely free for 30 days without any strings attached.

Music + Branded Audio Messages = Your In-Gym Marketing Strategy

You are not a shop, you are a gym. People at gyms are active listeners and they really pay attention and synchronize their workout with the music they hear. You can use music and audio as a great in-gym cost-effective marketing channel without any hustle. It's actually very very simple. Just sign up and get free access for 30 days.

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