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Different members deserve different music

It’s almost January and your gym will be flooded with new members again. You’ll probably experience a flow of different groups with different characters, your music should change to fit the group(s) currently in your gym.


Morning cardio

In the morning your gym belongs to cardio people. This is the case for most gyms; people go for a run or cardio workout before work. It’s a perfect way to start your day. We have built a perfect cardio music station that will keep all your members moving and full of energy during the workout.

Weight lifting evenings

Lifting after work is very popular these days as it helps you to get out your after-work emotions and clear your head before going home. This might be the reason why weightlifters are present at the gym in the evening. Again, we have built the perfect station – it's called "gym".

Hardcore after 10pm

People doing workouts after 10 PM are really hardcore. You should support them and motivate them as much as you can. We have hardcore music stations that will keep this group motivated till 1 AM or your closing time.

What if we always have a mixed groups?

We know that in some gyms all groups are present at the same time, creating the need for an intelligent approach – AI to the rescue. We have built a DJ powered by AI that is able to mix all genres together in a meaningful way to keep all groups engaged. This station is called “All Music” and it’s for everyone.

Start your free 30-day trial of the GYM Radio and keep all members satisfied.

Eliminate music complaints at your gym and improve the gym experience with great workout music that fits to everyone. You can use it for 30 days for free and see how it works for your gym, no strings attached.

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