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Explicit music in your fitness center


We interviewed fitness center visitors and found that people most often listen to hip-hop and rap to workout in the gym. Why are these genres the most popular and how to play them in censored form?

Rough lyrics motivate to a better performance

The most popular genres for hard workout in the gym are undoubtedly hip-hop and rap, as confirmed by more than half of those surveyed who succumbed to strength sports. „Most often I listen to Eminem and Kanye West in my headphones. I don't mind dirty expressions in the lyrics. Exactly this music can motivate me well.“ says bodybuilder Denis.

The truth is that explicit expressions belong to this genre of music, just as this genre of music belongs to an exercise and demanding workout, whether it is bodybuilding or fighting. Most people do not mind vulgar expressions and they don't even perceive them while listening to music, as confirmed by fitness trainer Tereza. „Explicit music is not just for muscular guys. For example, songs by Eminem are also required by clients who practice circular training with me,“ says the fitness coach.

Do you have a children's corner in the gym? Filter out the explicit content

Although explicit music is popular with most fitness center visitors, in some cases vulgarisms are not desirable – for example, when there is a children's corner in the gym. If you still want to keep the right motivational atmosphere in your fitness center, set the level of explicity.

The GYM Radio offers this option. Depending on the composition of visitors of your gym, you can filter the music in three grades. In the No explicits variant there are no vulgarisms in the lyrics, the Soft explicits is a more moderate variant in which the strict rules are not set, but the dirty words appear rather sporadically. The Explicits variant is unlimited and is suitable especially for gyms focused on hardcore workout visitors, fight clubs and last but not least, „oldschool gym“. You can change the settings at any time.

No explicits song

Soft explicits


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