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Can I use Spotify to play music in a gym?


Can I use Spotify or Youtube at my gym? We got this question a lot. Long story short, the answer is no.

We love Spotify, using it every day, it's a great music service, but unfortunately, it is for personal use only and not for commercial use. This means it can’t be played in gyms, fitness studios, CrossFit clubs or any public places.

Read the Terms and Conditions at

If you want to stream music in a similar way like with Spotify, you can use commercial services like Soundtrack Your Brand or, of course, the GYM Radio that is specifically built for gyms.

Read more about the necessary licenses that your gym needs to have in order to play music legally.

Spotify is our inspiration, but we believe that your gym members deserve more than just random algorithmically selected music or repeating 50 songs playlists with minimal updates.

Music motivates a lot and it is responsible for more than 30% of the workout experience. It might make or break your workout and the after-workout feeling.

This was the initial reason why we have started the GYM Radio. To build the best hand-curated workout music playlists and to keep up with the daily music updates.

We do use the Spotify to discover new music, as well as other sources like Youtube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, public radio, Instagram, direct communication with Artists and many, many more. We also get lot's of new songs submissions from our users and gyms - thank you for your help!

We are hand-picking every song to make sure it really creates the motivational experience that your members need during the workout.

Our stations are also often multi-genres, which is a quite unique concept and very different experience from Spotify one-genre playlists.

We have stations for cardio, fitness, gym, lifting, CrossFit and even for hardcore heavy lifting. See all the music stations we have.

Motivational quotes - everyone knows them. Those short sentences of powerful words with uplifting and encouraging effect. It was a very natural decision for us to create the audio versions of the 500 best motivational quotes from athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, public figures like Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein or writers like Mark Twain. Read them all here.

There is one interesting thing about audio in your gym. People are listening to it 100% of the time (unless they have headphones of course). They are not watching your big LED TVs or your promotions on the walls. They are listening to background music and focused on the beats. We know that audio is a great way how to connect with people and how to tell them about you. 

Therefore, we have decided to create audio promotions. It's a new way how to promote your brand, services, additional products or just let people know that you are there for them. It's integrated and very consistent with all the music and audio, so it's natural. Not like other radio or TV commercials that are intrusive and annoying. We have feedback from several gyms where it really works well and improves secondary sales by almost 25%.

Music and audio content at a gym is important. Don't lose members just because of wrong music selection and improve the member's retention and workouts with great playlists, motivational quotes or even ask them to refer a friend with the audio promotions.

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